Kudos to Colombian drug smugglers


Building a sea-going snorkeling submarine in a jungle is simply awesome!

I wish our military bureaucracies came close in resourcefulness.


  1. Hi Sven
    It is a Submersible, not a Submarine in the usual sense.The snorkel will always be surfaced. Notice also the pipe which cools down exhaust from the diesel engine.

    Check this blog please

    This smaller and probably less expensive German design looks quite interesting. Reminds me the midgets subs from the end of WW2.


  2. The difference is not great, for such a submersible craft already needs the full depth control features of a real submarine. They merely lack the electro engine and batteries.

    Btw: http://www.combinedfleet.com/ships/type%20d

  3. Anon
    I'm fairly sure this is new.
    Previous "drug subs" have just been very low running speed boats.
    Open topped, with oversized bilge pumps

  4. Here's an excellent video on the topic. Many of the boats are quite impressive.



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