Nice find

Old documents can be real treasures.

A couple years ago I read that the bunker penetration capability of cruise missiles was increased by adding a shaped charge to their nose that opens a hole in and weakens the structure. The principle has since been applied to warheads with "follow-through" function. Everytime I read about such a warhead the reports make it sound as if it was a great feat of engineering.

Now imagine my astonishment when I saw this

edit: Better try this volume.

S Ortmann


  1. People think they burn their way through, but it is a supper fast moving object (a plasma in this case) punching through an object. From what I have read, the principals as it passes through a barrier most resemble hydrodynamics.

    I think they were first used in WW1. If memory serves me with anti-submarine rockets fired from airplanes.

    There is an odd little document here on the timeline of discoveries.


  2. No plasma. It's not even liquid, much less ionised gas (plasma).