[Blog] Spammers

Yesterday I was terminally fed up with spammers and proposed to Steve from the Firearms Blog (where I dump a lot of firearms-related stuff that I don't want to write about here) to call out their advertisement spamming practices.



  1. Ugh, I know. These spam bots are a goddamn infestation. My blog has not nearly as much traffic as you, and I still get too many of these nuisances. It seems that for every inane advertisement you delete, two more pop up to replace it.

    BTW, how is progress on your book coming, sven? I can't wait to get my hands on your new material. I was even thinking of buying two copys, and donating one to my local college (to challenge ossified practises).

    1. Writing on the book requires periods (weeks) in which I have plenty time (which I'll have the next weeks).

      The problem is that it takes a lot of time to know where and why everything is in the draft in order to not repeat anything and in order to maintain a good enough semblance of a developing central theme.
      I basically need hours to get into it and polish or re-arrange old parts and only then I go on writing additional chapters.

      That's very much unlike blog writing, and also unlike the writing I did at work.
      I assume writing a novel with a developing, chronological story would be easier. It would also be easier if I had chosen to write a book that's a patchwork of a myriad of topics.

      Another problem is that the book shall be well-rounded, but I'm an individual and I've got weaknesses on some aspects. Civ-Mil is unconvincing (as in most publications) and my take on logistics can be described as 'daring' if one is particularly optimistic.

      The book won't be published this year, that's for sure.