Gates, NATO and the Europeans who don't want to fight at the end of the world

The U.S. SecDef Gates exerts pressure on European nations to contribute more troops for the Afghanistan trap.
People begin to talk in public about whether the NATO is still a good idea (they do so on both sides of the Atlantic, for different reasons).

Well, I'm tired of the mainstream American opinion on this. To occupy Afghanistan and support a puppet regime there is a bad idea.

An Ally who
1. is under attack,
2. receives support by his allies,
3. counterattacks,
4. establishes a stupid strategy,
5. launches a completely unrelated and unnecessary war of aggression elsewhere,
6. focuses his military power on that wrong area and then
7. considers his allies' efforts in the previous theater as insufficient is
RIDICULOUS, ARROGANT and INCOMPETENT. THAT is the poor ally, not the other ones.

Well, the story of poor decisions in this entire so-called GWOT is quite long, even when I only include the military-related and publicly known stuff.

I suggest that you read this article (originally from here).
It shows very well how ill-advised the efforts of Mr. Gates are in this case. It covers the conflict all-round, with most relevant aspects.

Sven Ortmann

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