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Here are the rules for commenting on Defence & Freedom.

(1) All comments need to be in English, German or at least bilingual English/something else. Avoid German if the topic of the comment isn't Germany-specific.

(2) Guests can comment as guests, and need to behave well as guests. 

(3) I do not delete posts that focus on arguing  against my blog text with facts and reasoning. To point out other errors (examples spelling, typos, obsolete info) is fine and indeed encouraged.

(3) Spammers will be deleted right away.

(4) Libel and some other things are outlawed in Germany and I'm obliged by German law to moderate such comments away.

(5) Warmongers, hatemongers, fascists, bolshevists (= all kinds of communism ideology people who do not insist on democracy) and liars/bullshitters in general are encouraged to comment, for it's 100% waste of time for them. @AfD people; rest assured, AfD-specific talking points fall into the hatemongers/fascists/liars/bullshitters categories (the exceptions are the € and conscription).

(6) Free speech is a protection right against the government, not a privilege to get your opinion published on whatever private media you choose.


August 2021


  1. Hi,
    If you wish to see a James The Military Balance 2023 updated go to the side:
    It is free.
    And has all the previous years also.

    1. That's the IISS Military Balance, which is fairly easy to get.
      I did mention a different book series recently, the Jane's Infantry Weapons:
      That's unaffordable save for old copies on ebay and rarely available even as a shared ebook.

      Your link did confirm most of the Irish army equipment, though - thanks.