New conflict reason: Fishes

Let me to connect Kotare's post "The years of living recklessly" about the unsustainable exploitation of fish resources and Johann Hari's article "You Are Being Lied to About Pirates" that's basically a 'foreign industrial fishing ships ruin the Somali fish resources illegally and force Somali fishermen to become pirates story' to a common picture.

This picture looks like fishes are one soon very scarce, yet very important resources (like for example fresh water, crude oil & arable land) and the weak/poor countries won't be able to cope with the problems.

I'm no friend of 4GW and 'failed state' concepts, but it seems to me as if many countries should better renew the search for a low tech sustainable development, separate from the global economy - and not integrated.
The United Nations should meanwhile learn to enforce rules like fishing rights for the weak before the shit hits the fan.

Sven Ortmann

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