An insightful mosaic piece of the art of war

I read last year something of interest, and would like to share it. It (the answer) offers an opportunity for great insights. I posted this elsewhere before, and I think it's suitable to this blog as well.

The question is:
What is the most reliable method of rallying the scattered and fleeing troops (all ranks) of a broken infantry division ?

Answer :
| You set up a line of field kitchens in the path of the fleeing troops. |
(It's in background colour; think first,
then select with mouse to uncover.)

Sources: Books about Eastern Front experiences, '43-'45



  1. Wikipedia: 'The term "logistics" originates from the ancient Greek "λόγος" ("logos"—"ratio, word, calculation, reason, speech, oration").'

  2. That is actually brilliant. The old reptile brain will compel a person to stop to find comfort in food and safe water. Once they've stopped the field kitchens become a rallying point as they will want to protect this place of relative comfort. Then start digging in to protect the kitchens and you start to have something that resembles a line of defense.


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