Did you know ...

... that the First World War a.k.a. The Great War lasted well into the Second World War?

The miniature state of Andorra had never signed the Versailles Treaty and was thus de jure still at war with Germany till 25. September 1939. (Or till the 50's, the stories diverge on this. The Andorran embassy in Bruxelles had no clue.)

I'm not sure that any other state ever lasted that long in a state of war with Germans. ;-)

The record for such finally resolved formal irregularities seems to be held by the Third Punic War.



  1. Isn't WW2 still rumbling along, or did Russia & Japan finally settle things out?

  2. ... and that Germany was paying for WW1 until late fall last year?

  3. The reports about those final payments were rather misleading. By the same standard, Britain would still be paying interest on debt from the Seven Years War.


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