Defence and Freedom's year 2011 visitor statistics

Statcounter's statsitics for Jan 08 - Dec 11

This blog faced a slump in blogging activity (in posts/month) and in visitors ("page loads"), but had a comeback in the last quarter of 2011 (December 2011 has no slump, unlike earlier Decembers). 20k per month appears to be the new normal here.

A second factor (other than activity on my part) for the stagnation (no increase in visitors for about one and a half years) might be the dropping interest in military affairs after the Iraq War and a decade of direct Western involvement in the Afghanistan Civil War.

Or maybe I have already reached almost everybody who's interested in this blog's tiny niche?

S Ortmann


  1. Bd1

    how many are just checking in for couple seconds to see if there´s any new posts?

  2. I have no idea. Statcounter basically counts how often the statcounter website has been contacted because of their html code on the left.

    Blogger (Google) might be able to track how long the same IP has repeatedly asked for content from this website, but no statistics service has a clue how long someone looks at a downloaded page once the browser got all its components. The browser does not report when the window is being closed with standard website designs (probably never).