The Enemy Within

By David Rothkopf

I do mostly agree with him; scaremongering is misguiding attention away from real, domestic problems (and political incompetence). It is embarrassing how many people fall for ridiculous inflation of marginal threats. We (NATO countries) haven't seen a national security threat substantial enough to beat the lethality of bus drivers ever since the Warsaw Pact became dysfunctional in the late 80's (or even since it became cooperative in the mid-80's).

Just look at all the military budget cuts. No horde is invading any country that did or does cut its military budget. Think about it; why is it possible to cut the budget based on domestic economic issues? Shouldn't budgets be dominated by issues abroad, like actual threats? If interventionism is a good idea, why wouldn't it pay off in an economic crisis?

In the end, we wasted a lot of our resources on surplus military bureaucracy sizes for almost two decades. The higher the %GDP of military spending, the higher the waste that happened. The higher the spending boost during the terror craze era, the greater the terror craze.

Con men go to jail for mis-allocating a couple ten thousand bucks. What are we doing about our politicians and 'experts' who mis-allocated billions if not trillions!?


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