Blog: Crazy day

The internet is crazy. I checked on the site stats to learn about what the frenzy of recent activity has done to visitor stats, and what do I see? Yesterday there were about 1,400 to 1,600 visitors in a single day (a record by a wide margin; figures vary between Google and StatCounter).

Look at the crazy spike on the right!
I became curious and looked up the referring sites, and as it turned out this page (apparently a simple Asian forum post) has been responsible for almost a thousand Asian visitors in a single day. It links to a July post of mine.

The internet doesn't make much sense.

Or in other words; don't underestimate the Asians if you want traffic. 

Maybe I need to change my banner more to this kind of look?

Or this?

Brain fart camo scheme
S Ortmann

P.S.: The latter part was meant to be fun, not serious.

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  1. SO, if you really want to drive your traffic volumes crazy, you need a few brony-related* weaponsware posts. More teenage fangirl visits than a mind can comfortably contemplate :/

    * Now go look up MLP - if I can suffer, so can you!