This is BAe's idea for a GCV: A ridiculous antenna farm.

This is how vehicles look when they're overloaded with gadgets after their third upgrade. A vehicle in CAD stage shouldn't look fucked up already.

Maybe they should think about this project more like a soldier and taxpayer, less like an electronics engineer.


  1. barcalounger30 July 2010 22:30

    I've always thought that engineers should have to serve internships in factories before they get their degrees. If they were mentored by experienced toolmakers and mechanics maybe they would gain some common sense. One can only hope.

  2. Don't blame engineers for this abortion - blame the idiot customers who ask for everything under the sun and greedy business pukes sign up to deliver it.

  3. The customers are surely to blame, but I doubt that this antenna salad is unavoidable.
    The microphone assembly of the sniper detection gear doesn't need to be standard issue, for example. The microphones could be integrated and the software adapted.


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