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Fareed Zakaria criticised the U.S. participation in the Afghan Civil War based on the small number of AQ people there. I've read that argument more often recently.

That's of course a fallacy. The really relevant questions are different, for the mission is for ISAF not to hunt AQ, but to help the Afghans till they're back on their feet and able to (reliably) keep AQ out in our interest in order to deny AQ a base.
My list of questions about that conflict looks very different. Nevertheless, I respect Zakaria as one of ver few really good English-speaking journalists. His greatest failure is that he sometimes interviews idiots.

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It's not evil if 'we' do it, or is it?

Yes, torture was recognised as a self-evident evil - until the own government began to use it. Then, suddenly, its evil rating became disputed.
It's an interesting article that highlights how civil society can fail and go astray from its own civilisation.


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