Invading another country for no good reason is widely recognized as being a bad, bad thing. Those responsible for it are usually considered as really bad persons - just think about what we thought about Saddam Hussein once he had invaded Kuwait.

It's interesting to recall why it's like that. Wars imply waste of resources, death and suffering. It also leads quite often to unfair peace treaties and of course there's general assumption that the aggressor is superior to the victim. Nobody likes to become a victim of a stronger power, so we generally tend to dislike the aggressor for this reason as well.

Many of these war disadvantages also apply to wars that were started with good intentions and it's obvious that also the wars begun by Western powers in the past couple of years caused a lot of death and suffering - and often rather unfortunate and unfair conditions after the hostilities.

It's about time to no longer limit the contempt for warmongers to dictators who want to annex other countries. Our very own warmongers deserve the same treatment. The very minimum is to deny them every influence on our policy, direct and indirect. It's time to counter their warmongering which is usually preceded by scaremongering to scare us into stupid wars.
let's stop them ASAP, their scaremongering only works because there's no decent lobby that counter them.

Scaremongers usually invent a lie and repeat it a couple thousand times till many people believe them without ever having seen an evidence. Some even belief strongly that evidence exist, although there is none. The scaremongering also works because of networking and because of the inclination of mass media corporations to pick up such sensational stories that address very basic instincts like fear.

Once enough people are scared it becomes simple for warmongers to execute the most irrational and stupid policies that let us run into costly nonsense adventures that kill and maim our troops as well as innocent enemy troops and civilians. Wars benefit only some war-related corporation CEOs, employees and shareholders. Wars and stupid interventions/military adventures cost us a huge share of our economic output - resources that we should better use for rational preparations for the future like education, preventive health care, improved relations to other countries, alternative energy and raw material supply and efficiency improvements.

Scaremongers are enemies of democracy and therefore enemies of freedom. They manipulate the people to enable policies which are hurting these people instead of helping them. They are traitors and deserve to be treated as such.

Warmongers are enemies of their people. They deserve the most severe punishments that our civilization is willing to use for the most severe crimes.

Warmongers are worse than serial killers by several orders of magnitude.
You know who's a warmonger in your country. Think about these persons again.

And especially don't be scared by scaremongers about Iran, or even agree to a war of aggression incited by warmongers against Iran. It's their newest pet project.

Sven Ortmann

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  1. A simple test. Try to get a date and then tell her you're a Muslim. Will she still date you?

    The problem is that there are streams within a society that are inherently violent against something in open or covered manner and these streams can break out and dominate a population to the degree that it commits acts hard to understand from a current point of view. You can play with these streams in an environment of political correctness by using "codewords" that contain an implied meaning for comrades in conviction which aren't superficially completely understandable to uninitiated bystanders and thus such a conversation doesn't seem to make sense. A very nice example would be discussing the geographical extent of Europe. Some groups not considered radicals give quite interesting answers reflecting less a concept of geography, but of bias based exclusionism.

    Read some material on Adolf Hitler from a pre-World War 2 contemporary perspective. Observers then considered his outstanding trait to be able to reflect and canalize the wishes of many people. From today's point of view it sounds like a very strange thing.

    A similar experience would be the age of confessionalization prior to the 30 Years War. Looking at the material culture alone you can grasp the rising tension of separating from each others believes through radically differing expressions of religious devotion.

    Mankind is a strange animal doing strange things and while doing them, considering these logical and righteous.