Time to talk about dangerous people

Uhh, Osama bin Laden (that's how it's spelled in Germany).
Frightening guy.
Nobody did hurt the United States of America (not of anything else, so not just the "U.S.") as much as he did in the last couple of years.

Ok, mainstream opinion is not my strength, so I'll stop it now.

I know a guy (not personally) who did much more harm to that country.

His orders killed more citizens of the USA.
His actions took away freedom from USA citizens, for real.
His actions did cost the USA insane amounts of money - more than a trillion US-$ - wasted for no advantage.
His orders created so much suffering to the citizens of the USA - OBL is an ineffective loser by comparison.
He did this all in less than the past five years (compare this to OBL's record of more than 10 years since he declared his war against the USA!).

Now guess whom I mean.

I have hints for you: There are a lot of funny videos on youtube featuring him and he is not on the "FBI most wanted" list.

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