Comment policy

Recently I was compelled to delete some unacceptable comments, so maybe it's time to lay out a clear comment policy.

Consider the comment section as a place where you're a guest.
Offensive, deliberately misleading comments and generally comments made with poor manners will be deleted. About anonymous comments; would you like anonymous guests?

I am aware that some of my posts are provoking - they're never meant to be insulting, though. I want to provoke thought and I feel rarely any need to write about mainstream ideas. This may cause a wrong impression of my thinking. I am not contra everything or against mainstream all the time - I just don't feel the need to write about it when I agree with mainstream opinions.

It's natural that most readers will disagree a lot because I am often far away from the mainstream consensus in my posts.
That's no excuse for forgetting everything someone was ever told about good manners or to deliberately misinterpret the texts to make them look gross, though.

Furthermore, my mini-articles here are not up to scientific or some other standards simply because this is a blog and not a printed publication. I have publicized in professional journals and written scientific works before. I can do so, but it's an added, unpaid for and largely useless extra effort to write like that.
Just e-mail me if you desperately need references.

By the way; I have absolutely no idea why it's "Kommentare" instead of "comments" - the blog setting is UK English. I apologize for this inconvenience, I guess I will eventually find out how to change that.