Maybe I missed something and you could help.

When had a Western or Southern European NATO member country a significant (Brigade or larger) deployment exercise to the new NATO Eastern frontier (especially Baltics, Poland Eastern border, Romania Northern border)? Was there any such exercise since the last NATO enlargement 2004?

What was the largest (in terms of involved troops & vehicles outdoors) exercise or even experiment in NATO during this decade?

Did any Western nation announce or even execute a plan to harden nuclear powerplants beyond pre-9/11 levels? A heavy freight plane with a compact, solid construction part (like a big electricity generator) and lots of fuel onboards should punch through the the old reinforced concrete shells of nuclear powerplants.
Was any government serious enough about protection against terrorism to actually prioritize protection over the interests of mediocre lobby like the electricity companies (hardening would create a public awareness that nuclear powerplants are probably a safety hazard)?

These were honest and serious questions, as I have the feeling that I must have missed something.
But there's a hidden critique as well, of course.

Sven Ortmann

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