"Frauenparkplatz". I despise (and ignore) that word.
It's written behind many parking lots and means "parking lot for women". It's usually at some of the best placed parking lots (the very best are almost always empty and reserved for disabled people), close to the shopping center and supposed to provide women with - well, whatever.

I've seen an even more discriminating and outrageous sign a few weeks ago, but succeeded in forgetting the rubbish.

This kind of discrimination is a puzzle piece in the greater picture of how good intentions and political correctness can overstep the limit of appropriateness and can begin to hurt our freedom and equality in an inappropriate way.

The big things like CCTV and database scandals have our attention as freedom limiters and dangerous foreshadows, but the small things count, too.

I commit to prefer to park on a Frauenparkplatz whenever possible to protest and to take away the desired effect from these despicable signs.

Sven Ortmann

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  1. Richtig so! Kampf der Unterdrückung an jedem Ort, auf jedem Parkplatz!