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This blog exists since late May 2007 - it started slowly and in secret, I told others about it only months later and wasn't blogging very much till August 2008 when I wrote more than ten texts in a month for the first time due to the South Ossetia War.

I still like pretty much all my texts, but I feel that some are especially noteworthy. About 90% of my texts are rather timeless - they could have been published years earlier or years later. It's thus a pity that new readers will likely not read most of the earlier texts.

This is a list of my favourites, texts that I believe should be read
(even more so than the others):

European naval power requirements (for defence)
What kind of naval power is really required to DEFEND Europe?

The extent of the economical problem - because some don't get it
The mass media tells you only about symptoms, not about the structural sickness.

Fact check: Military hardware novelty
It's been around for decades, and you could sell it as new if you colorize the photos.

Active Protection Suites (for AFV): state of the art
An overview that fixes the incomplete information about APS in English publications.

The American Way of War (tm)
To throw resources at a problem is no art.

The credibility of nuclear umbrellas
Cold War expectations might be outdated.

Excursion: The economic crisis in the USA
It's not just the banks, it's about trade as well!

The success story of hard kill defences
It's a trend that extends to armies now.

Geostrategy: Most interesting country in the world
Others would go nuts if they lived in such a pivot.

Industrial power
Times have changed.

Technology creeps according to patterns
Patterns - an aid to look into the future.

Are we clueless about modern conventional warfare?
Yes, we are.

Reasoning about the Afghanistan war (commitment)
Why exactly are we fighting there?

Shocking shipbuilding industry
It's not where most expect it to be.

Addendum: Feasibility of an intercept vs. captured passenger plane in Germany
Our politicians had a bogus debate.

Sustainability of military power
Not really sustainable and the present level.

War or not war? Victory or defeat?
When should war be waged?

Sven Ortmann

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