8ak - Indian Defence News: "Coming soon - A Chinese Hitler"

I despise the effect of language and cultural barriers - they keep us from utilizing much useful input. I like to see German and foreign newspapers and TV news to get a fuller picture and I look at foreign blogs and websites.

There's a kind of division in the world of websites and news, and it looks like this to me:
* Germany
* France (and Franco-Canadians)
* Anglo
* South Asia
* SE Asia
* Arabic World
* Spain/Latin America
* Chinese
* Japan
* Russian
* Indian
I can usually only read the first four or five.

Looking beyond one's own nose is tremendously enriching.
I found this text recently, for example:

The Indian website/blog 8ak - Indian Defence News had a thought-provoking text recently: "Coming soon - A Chinese Hitler".

It shows the seeds for a rather pessimistic scenario - luckily one that would likely not involve my country.

I never understood how exactly the Chinese communist party arranges the succession of its head of state and government. No matter how they do it - an extremist "Chinese Hitler" would likely not come from the inside of a ruling party, but be an upstart. Such characters are simply too destabilizing and thus too risky for such a ruling party.

I have no real firm opinion on that scenario - I hope it's unlikely, but it seems quite possible.

Again; the good news is that China isn't really relevant for Europe's security in the military domain.


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  1. I think that the idea of a chinese "Hitleresque" individual is unlikely, but the arguments given in the webpage are interesting.
    I can easily imagine that a clearer imperialistic turn in Chinese foreign politics will appear soon.
    And the CCP can be obviously defined as a "totalitarian" party...