Only pictures and a video

No real blog post today, I'm busy with theoretical stuff.

Long-time readers most likely noticed that I began adding pictures to the blog months ago. It's easier on the eyes than endless columns of text.

The search for context pictures (few are really descriptive, like maps or stats) was at times more challenging than the text itself, but I also found some that I saved for later use.
Well, today there's no real blog post, and I'm in the mood to dump some of those pics that would otherwise apparently never be used - but are still funny.

Have fun.

vladimir putin
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political pictures for your blog

Sources: Obvious.
Lachschon.de and punditkitchen.com are quite funny.

Finally something that might actually have some military relevance; a kind of revival of the half-track (French style; a Frenchman developed such band half tracks even before WW1).

Thanks to "Ta152" for the tip.


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  1. haha;

    American Freedom
    Made in China

    nice one =)