Confused. Really, really confused.

Mystery #1: The German popular support for the ISAF mission improved after the Kunduz bombing incident* (and the prior months). It's still a minority position, though.

Mystery #2: The distribution of support and no support for the German ISAF mission among party members. The greens (a pacifist party till '99) seem to be very pro-ISAF. The reason are probably because the humanitarian fairy tales that were build around it for years.
Another reason may be that the Greens get now much more support in polls than ever before - many of the "green voters" in recent polls are new to the greens.

I'd have expected maximum support in CDU/CSU (conservatives), followed by SPD (social democrats) or F.D.P. (libertarians).

The far left (Die Linke, socialists, only major party that officially opposes the ISAF mission) gained a few per cent in recent polls. Some comments in blogs and newspapers linked this to the Kunduz/ISAF affair, but I doubt it.

Sven Ortmann

*: I'll wait a bit more till the confusion and misinformation about the incident is under control. It seems to be a very complex incident, and three politically opposing parties don't help its understanding.

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