Several blog text drafts don't satisfy me (yet), some topics in the works are really big ones that need a lot of work, I'm busy, distracted and I'm researching a lot.

In short: I didn't publish much in the past days for several reasons, but that will change. Eventually.

I've already got about 50-60 future topics prepared as key words, and about ten as drafts. Some really big ones are in preparation. There's still a lot to do.

I'm not someone who follows fashions, but I'm conforming to one by pure chance. Several well-known MilBlogs have limited their blogging quantity in favour of quality during the past weeks. That's likely good news. We need more deliberation and more strategic thinking, less on-the-spot talking points commentary on security policy topics in NATO countries.

I myself don't feel compelled to attempt daily blogging or to cover every MilNews topic. Anything from 15-30 texts is a reasonable monthly output in this place and I write only if I like to.

Sven Ortmann


  1. that is a smart

    quality is much better than quantity

    but if you don't mind me saying what you really need to do is make your older entries more accessible because a lot of them are very good and timeless!

  2. Thanks. I'm well aware that the lack of illustrations and the crude formatting (align left) as well as at times their length is a problem.

    They are in a technical sense easily accessible on the left (Blog Archive), though.

  3. I meant to say 'that is a smart idea' :-/


    I agree with that but even a tag cloud would help new visitors get to topics they want to read instead of cycling through the months (plus they may find topics they want to read without knowing they were there in the first place)

    all in all it's more traffic and readers for you!

    I did a site map for my own site using basic HTML (my coding sucks) and it took hours to make but was well worth it in the end =)