Those irrational, misled, conspiratorial Muslims

By Glenn Greenwald

I recommend it. Excerpts:

[...]Of all the myths identified by the NYT article, the implicit one conveyed by that photograph -- Pakistanis harbor anger toward the U.S. only because of false conspiracy theories they're being fed -- is easily the most extreme. [...]
[...]There is a lot of propaganda, paranoia and myth in Pakistan, along with most places in the world. But the American media's fixation on pointing to it and deriding it has the principal effect (if not intent) of obscuring the role we play in enabling (and even justifying) those sentiments, along with at least our own equal share of such propaganda and our own media's central role in bolstering it.[...]


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  1. The media perpetuating lies and myths? OMG! Western news stations do not actually sell information so much as entertainment, and are no better than the so called 'state' media of 3rd world nations in regards to honesty.

    But hey, sven, you should think about doing a military literature thread in the near future. There are lots of good reads* that have been published since your book recomendations post. I think it would do the regulars here at defense and freedom a good chance to exchange ideas and get caught up with whats going on publishing wise. Just a thought.
    *For example, we have the item, On Flexibility: Recovery from Technological and Doctrinal Surprise on the Battlefield, by Meir Finkel. It sounds like a really fascinating book, on a subject of high importance.