Still alive

I'm fine and will publish additional blog posts soon, but I'm also unusually busy and distracted from blogging these days.

Upcoming topics may be related to "Cyber War", national grand strategies, armoured vehicles, the infantry's mission, a certain book I'm reading these days and/or some philosophical stuff on war & peace. The usual stuff, obviously.

There are two dozen text drafts in blogger alone, and other topics in preparation. Some of these drafts will never make it to the surface, others need to mature and others again need more research.

In short: I'll blog when I'm done with a new text - as usual.

Most readers discovered this blog apparently this year. I invite them to read some older texts here. Most texts were not "news", not related to recent events at all, but of rather lasting relevance (if you agree that they're relevant at all). The labels (scroll down, left column) should help to find topics of interest.


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  1. I want to use the opportunity to thank you for all your excellent work in this blog.

    If only our ruling class would display the same level of thoughtfullness as you do.

    best regards
    Eric P.R.