The almost non-existing German security policy blog / Milblog community

Blogs came and passed since I published a list of the German Milblogs which were at that time known to me.

The current situation is especially meagre. These are the only related blogs with a decent level of activity* :

Still focussing on the public relations work of the BMVg.

Maintained by a journalist (formerly working for the Focus), revived at this new address a while ago. Focus on news.

Blog of security politician and previous member of parliament Wilfried Nachtwei. He writes mostly about current affairs.

Security policy blog of the Rhein Zeitung (rhine newspaper); focus on news.

Commentary on security policy by Hans-Heinrich Dieter, Generalleutnant a.D.; it began with details about his 'politically charged' end of his career and appears to have turned into a more general commentary blog, focus on current affairs.

Zur Sicherheit
FAZ (a national newspaper) blog on security policy; focus on news.

Honestly, I dislike their grabbing of Michael Forster's "geopowers" brand. It's nevertheless a German news-oriented Milblog.

No, seriously, that's it. There's no happy end to this list. I know no other seriously active* security policy or Milblogs from Germany. Check the old list and enjoy a series of 404 errors and dated articles if you don't believe it! Maybe you know some more?

We're down to seven German language security policy and Milblogs in Germany**. The news-focused Milblogs don't even add much, for their info is mostly available elsewhere anyway. Without the news and current-affairs-focused blogs there's only one - with a tunnel vision on PR.

A few months ago the author of the now-vanished Milblog "Weblog Sicherheitspolitik" agreed that there's no blog competing with mine at all in regard to tactical topics. It looks now like this was a vast understatement. There's pretty much no competition to me for not-news and not-current military/security policy blogging in Germany.
This may have contributed to my record 21,552 page loads in September - despite mediocre activity on my part.

The German Milblog community is almost dead. I am tempted to re-evaluate my original idea; parallel blogging in German and English. That would most certainly reduce the overall content output, though.


*: More than two posts in September was my threshold, but most excluded blogs failed to register ANY blog posts FOR MONTHS.

**: Mine is still excluded because of the choice of British English (or however you want to call what I produce here).


  1. I would like to add http://offiziere.ch/ and
    http://www.afghanistan-blog.de/ .

  2. Offiziere.ch is Swiss, not German (hence ".ch") and Afghanistan-Blog ...oh my, I simply forgot it because I'm not interested in their topics or have already read about the topic elsewhere.