How not to befriend a new great power

Excerpts From Washington's Contentious CISMOA Draft For India

EXCLUSIVE: No CISMOA? Here's What They're Pulling From The Indian C-130J

Either you want to be friends or you deeply distrust them and want their military dependent on your technicians - choose!

Sven Ortmann


  1. I don't think the idea is unreasonable. The indians must first prove that they can handle these shiny new toys, and so far, they havn't done that. Lets face it, they don't have the best track record with this kindof stuff.

  2. They could simply offer equally good, but altered equipment. Most of the stuff isn't exactly rocket science any more anyway.

    The Israelis have a track record of not exactly keeping U.S. secrets away from PRC, but they do not seem to be under similar restrictions.

    Military equipment serves the defence of national sovereignty. To be limited in your ability to use it undermines national security. To depend on foreign technicians is quite unacceptable, and it's both reasonable and to be expected that the Indians don't agree. The demand itself was stupid.
    I know that the U.S. got away with many ridiculous demands in the last year - the airport security checks in Europe are the embarrassing evidence.
    Yet, you shouldn't do this to a power which you want to get friends with.

    The Indians aren't stupid, and the F-16 is rumoured to have been eliminated from the Indian MRCA project; the Super Bug may follow suit if this diplomatic issue won't get solved in the interest of India.

  3. Der Glanz und die Verführungskraft der USA nehmen stetig ab.

    Question is if in the medium term the USA needs India more than India the USA. Guess India can do without the super latest cutting-edge com equipment. Their stuff just gotta be better than what the Chinese deliver to Pakistan. And THAT should also be in the interest of the USA.