The crap of the intertubes

I searched for responses to my blog postings
(happens, and can be quite interesting) and came across this page.

It's apparently one of the crappy copycat bot pages.
It took and copied my "Events in Tunisia" blog post that makes
next to no sense without the context of an earlier blog post.

Then it (or some other bot) added a shit load of bot comments
that make no sense at all. The "names" of the "commenting
persons" are all links to some stupid businesses.

It also copied my overfishing blog post already.

There's really a lot of crap in the intertubes.


1 comment:

  1. yup, the meaningful crap* outweighs the useful posts by quite a lot, and both are getting drowned in an ocean of spam.

    *not referring to your blog here, which is one I visit daily and find immensely informative.