This happens when...

... I don't post that much any more!

Back in early February I boasted my record results (page loads) from January, a month with more blog posts than days.
Well, that was not exactly indicative of the trend in the following months - neither page loads nor blog posts.

This is how it looks today:

Not that high any more, rather back to 2010 levels!

 Quick, we need an excuse!

 Yeah, that works as an excuse.
I didn't post that much, thus readers came less often to the blog.
(Don't even consider to blame a drop in quality ;) ).

Now we've got disappointing numbers and a sorry excuse. 
Well, what's left to do?

Right, crunch the numbers in Excel OpenOffice.org Calc till something looks good for you!

 Here we are. Page loads per blog posts keep growing.
I feel the readership's love again! :)

This helped, too:
(Statcounter screenshot)


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