British Labour party considers an attack on the independence of the media


To resist the temptations of authoritarianism is an eternal challenge.


  1. This reminded me of this other almost completely unrelated story I saw: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2011/09/27/tv-confuses-arma-with-real-life/

    (Tangentially this offers the opportunity to ask about your opinions of the current generation war simulations: So what do you think of ARMA 2?)

    Also reminding me of this blog is this post about the USAF funding research for robots to explore tunnels:
    (I find it funnny how in the context of this blog, the above poste becomes almost sublime satire.)

    In an effort to return to the topic at hand, it seems the current UK government is at such a loss for how to solve the serious financial problems the country is currently facing that they desperately clutch after every possible source of distraction, especially when they get to use threatening rethorics. Just consider the fanatical response to the London riots, where suddenly there was Bush-class rethoric directed at teenagers guilty of vandalism (I've seen reports that anyone connected to a known "rioter" is to be evicted from state owned housing).

  2. Well, Labour is the opposition party now - they need attention, not distraction.

  3. oh! Sorry, I didn't pay enought attention and just assumed it said "Tories". I retract my analysis on the basis of it being fundamentally missguided.

    I can't really think why Labour would want to go the populist route, but it seems they are pretty lost as to what they should do to get back in power (and presumably they don't really know what they want to do once they have it, or they would base their campain on that)

  4. "To resist the temptations of authoritarianism is an eternal challenge"

    I have long argued that Labours paternalism led to authoritarianism, this would certainly be a good example.

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