A minor border incident

The Islamic Republic of Iran appears unimpressed by U.S. complaints about a minor incident at the U.S.-Mexican border. 25 U.S. soldiers were reportedly killed and 14 more wounded when Iranian attack helicopters opened fire on U.S. soldiers in a Texan border village a few days ago.

The Iranians have helped the Mexican government to suppress the rising drug cartels in a decade-long civil war. There are repeatedly complaints about how little the U.S. does about its huge pool of drug abusers who create the world's greatest demand for drugs and pull Mexico deeper and deeper into drug crime-driven chaos.

U.S. officials complain that the attack on the border post was unprovoked and dozens of other U.S. troops have supposedly already been killed by such attacks since summer, but the media in Iran and the entire Muslim world dismiss this as typical propaganda claim of a government that isn't trustworthy due to its tolerance of drug demand and the overt corruption of its political elite.

Iranian representatives declare that they will investigate the incident.
A report is expected to be finished once nobody cares any more.

edit: Astonishingly, I appear to need to point out satire when I use it even when I think it's totally obvious.

edit2:  Apparently the 'opposite' to this satire isn't big in the news in all Western countries. Now who would have guessed that? It may explain some of the comments (which I blocked because the writers might feel embarrassed.)


  1. Note: The "US soldiers" were reportedly firing on "Mexican and Iranian soldiers" when the airstrikes were called in.

  2. Love your neighbor as yourself.

  3. I think it's despicable to satirise the Polish government in this way for simply suppressing all those Hungarian troublemakers

  4. Like everything else it\s a power play and media represents just a very sofisticated agitprop department.
    Something else seems to be be a little bit more interesting. You wrote about Iran.
    Think about Pakistan. The military and civilian leadership accepted the american murders and humilliations. And got time to create a huge nuclear complex. For the murders pakistani security services always payed back in blood. Until now the pashtu insurgents controlled directly or indirectly by Pakistan army killed a few thousand american and NATO soldiers. For this actions you described now pay back is inevitable. Right now the expeditionary corp in central Asia sits nice an quiet to conserve stocks and waits for ISI to avenge the killed soldiers.
    So pakistan created a very large and growing nuclear complex and killed thousands of american and vassal soldiers. It seems they are much more dangerous than Iran. just they are much more smarter and less noisy.
    And payback for everything will come but not under the influence of emotions.
    About the civilians who died they are pretty irelevant for Pakistan. The country has about 180 million and rapidly rising. Yhe fact that CIA killed with drones a few thousand pashtu civilians in the mountains it\s not a drama for the state and leadership. The time they bought with their blood was extremly well used instead. And avenging them will not be acording to a persian aproach , just noisy. Kayani, the ones before and the ones who will come after him are not in the screaming business.

  5. News Update:

    "Both sides said they believed they were attacking insurgents along the border. A senior "US" defense official acknowledged that "US" troops fired first, sending a flare, followed by mortar and machine-gun fire, toward what he said was “suspicious activity” in the brush-covered area below their ... outpost barely 500 yards from the border."


  6. I would like to add that Hillary Clinton recently made a quite funny statement about the risk of "outside involvement" (aka Iran) in the Middle East.

    She said: "We will have a robust continuing presence throughout the region, which is proof of our ongoing commitment to Iraq and to the future of that region, which holds such promise and should be freed from outside interference to continue on a pathway to democracy."

  7. That's a very good satire with interesting comments.

    The nuclear armament of Pakistan itself is rather strange because India had decades ago shown its potential for creating nuclear powered explosions, while declaring their country a nuclear power shortly before Pakistan did the same with likely Chinese help. That smells like a very complex intelligence and possibly secret diplomacy affair and I doubt the US had much to say in this case nor were they well informed.

    Back to the border accident, it's reported as a very strange accident. Strange things happen in war, but I'm disposed to mistrust sources' superficial statements. Such a long firefight by a unit that did run around with GPS and radio seems strange for an accident. The ISI's double-crossing game from a Western perspective seems commonplace knowledge in Western perception by people far away from the places concerned. I don't know what was going on, but I can't rule out that it was part of intentionally playing a game I don't fully understand. In my opinion, the current military imbalance requires sly cunning to maintain positions inferior in firepower, so Pakistan has to double-cross the Western alliance as an act of self-defense of interests. Such "accidents" might be repercussions in a powerplay. If you go further into the common conspirancy narratives spun in the region where the event took place, the accident with the reaction could have been a planned event in order to stabilize the little hidden military rule by giving it a great swashbuckling opportunity for common national feelings before going back to business as usual.

  8. Here is the redacted official report of the cross-border fire incident from CENTCOM.