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Some readers of this blog mentioned to me military-related literature that they read.

good kitty!

I have two Defence & Freedom links for you that might help a bit with your personal journey through such literature.
One is my list of book recommendations:

The other is about my experience with old literature, with (what I consider) insights about what kind of reading makes sense and what's quite a waste of time:

Also, keep in mind there's an interlibrary loan service in many developed nations. You can usually get these books for a few weeks at almost no cost. I ordered a book worth 110 € in Amazon recently. Soon I'll be able to read it for six weeks (there are copies in German public libraries, I checked that) and it costs me only 2.50 €.

S Ortmann

edit: Damn, I forgot the GIF. I had it stored for months, waiting for an opportunity to build it into the blog!


  1. You can also use google books (depends on the book) to read for free. I like to use it to read a chapter or two of a book to help me decide if I want to buy it or not. Google books tends to keep you from reading all of the book (depends alot on the book, how old it is, etc).

    How is your book coming?

  2. Lots of friction. No plan survives first contact. etc etc. What did you expect? ;-)

    No, really. This fall I'll complete the basis of the book, then add the bibliography in full etc, polish once myself and late this year I'll go and contact a publisher with the draft.
    As written before, no chance this will be published in '12.

    A usual session of writing yields two pages in two hours, with very little variance.