[Fun] Troll

A truly reality-challenged troll has apparently decided to unleash a comical shitstorm in the comments of this blog today.

In case you're interested in some of this fun, look up his "comment" here (the Oct 25 post).

There's no point in hitting the "publish" link on any other of his drivel, but if you're interested in some talented, yet unintentional tragicomedy, send me an e-mail (link). I suppose he'll stop piling up comments in a few-minute staccato sometime in the next 24 hours, so I'll afterwards be able to make a compilation of this evil twin universe hilarity.

(In case you have the suspicion you share nationality with the retard and want to apologise; don't bother. I'm aware that a few per cent of every country's population are nuts.)

S Ortmann

P.S.: I don't make empty promises here. "Solomon" was a polite rationalist in comparison to this guy!


  1. Intelligent people all over the world consider the use of the adjective "retard" to be less than desirable.

    The sooner you stop using it, the sooner you might become one of us.

  2. Didn't use it for years, but I use it when appropriate.

    I certainly don't want to become one of your kind.

  3. Sven, do you notice a common pattern among trolls ?

    Trolls always feel compelled to provide a long list of (real/imaginary?) academic credentials in all of their tirades.

    This particular brand (anglophone milblog trolls) of trolls never misses an opportunity to disparage the 'liberal pinko communist' academia, particular european-rooted/inspired institutions. Examples of this hatred for
    european learning tradition were displayed by
    the like of Rick Santorum (one of their heroes!)

    Yet they reflexively start their rants/invectives with a long bs/ms/doctorate boast!


    1. I notice a total absence of hippie/punk trolls trying to annoy gun lovers.

      Instead, it's always the right wingers that seem to troll (save for a handful people who troll with a single hardware obsessions of theirs).
      I suppose if neutral people who do not visit milblogs were asked, they would instead guess we're being harassed by pacifist punks.

      Another tendency that's quite obvious is that they never provide arguments, but instead only conclusions/assertions and attempts at offending others.
      This particular troll even referred to it.