Just in case someone wonders why the conflict about Gaza still lingers on (and is thus on hand for power games to help in domestic politics and elections):

Haaretz / Reuters, January 2011

Expect a revolt if you run the largest prison on earth.


  1. Israel has run out of constructive ideas a long time ago. Now they are losing the demographic "race", which also was never in doubt, making all these efforts completely futile over the long-term anyway. The whole situation is pathetic.

    The only reason these individuals still are doing so well seems to be that their opposition is made up of possibly the most clueless, disorganized and bickering crowd on the face of the earth.

    I am not sure, anybody wonders, why this whole thing still drags on. If anything, the rest of the world has moved on a long time ago and ignores this mess as much as possible.

  2. You said: "Expect a revolt if you run the largest prison on earth"
    Did you read the following points ? It may help you, especially point 3:


    from the german newspaper "Tageszeitung"

    1. I saw that yesterday. Ironically, the entire TAZ article is striving for an effect similar in nature to its own ninth point.