China Defense Blog

1.35 billion people, and at least one good photographer amongst them. (source)

It's about time to mention the China Defense Blog a bit, for it's remarkable (as are some South Asian blogs) for providing a look that's distinctly different than the horde of typical U.S. / UK / Aussie MilBlogs.

S Ortmann


  1. Seconded. My daily read. It had a few minor bad calls (such as declaring the first prototype of J-31 on that trailer an L-15 airframe), but they are more amusing than annoying. Together with sinodefence-forum and HuiTongs "China Military Aviation" its a solid package to get info on whats happening in China. Western efforts are a joke in comparison (most of them poach their info from these sources anyway).

    Whats a decent Aussie blog by the way? Please dont say ELP, that guy is utterly forgettable (ideological nutter and thin on facts outside a few pet interests). Interpreter is nice, but no miltech-blog.