Satire of mil stuff development

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I remembered it, mentioned it and thanks to some guy on the internet going by the avatar name "Jemiba", I actually have the scan now since he posted it.

It's a satire of aircraft development during WW2, but once you know it modern armoured fighting vehicles should remind you of it quite often.


stage I : The new bomber is streamlined like a fish.

stage II : The loss of speed of just 8 km/h is more than compensated, because of a better field of view to the rear. Now the crew can see whether the enemy attacks from behind and passes.

stage III: The loss of speed of just 8 km/h due to the enlarged bomb bay carries no weight.

stage IV : If the aircraft should be able to defend itself, it has to do this in all directions - insignificant loss of speed, the cruising speed is reduced by a further approx. 8 km/h.

stage V : Navigational aids are necessary, of course. This costs at most 8 km/h speed.

stage VI : Radio communication is one of the basic requirements. All components are installed one after the other, none of these installations reduced the cruising speed by more than 8 km/h each.

stage VII: If fitting of a simple device can save just one aircraft, without losing more than a few km/h, it is worth it!

stage VIII: If the construction of the aircraft can be improved by simplification of the structure, you can build two aircraft instead of just one. By fitting new radial engines, the loss of speed can be reduced to at most 8 km/h.

Honorary mention to "Pentagon Wars", an even greater satire.
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  1. The whole movie is actually pretty hilarious and sadly full of truth. The show problem certainly can be found in many areas, not only military development. Thanks for sharing!