[Fun] CIA Realizes It's Been Using Black Highlighters All These Years

The 'Gatherer and Hoarder' instincts of Intelligence services are again facing scrutiny, after some of them went hunting and the ways thereof already didn't meet many peoples' tastes.

Truth be told: The allegations aren't really new, although they were made "news" recently. Even if they were new; I would probably not write about them these days because this is no news blog. Posts on D&F can equally be about a topic obsolete for two thousand years, about insights from a few generations ago, something which happened in the last few years or weeks or something which merely happened to come to my mind when I was in the mood for typing.
Such as while sitting at 28°C past midnight at home and having no real hope for falling asleep any time soon.

Anyway; here's finally something intelligence-related from DandF* these days, and hat tip to 'Brant'.


*: The software messes up the "and" symbol all the time and I dislike using the + symbol if "and" is what I really mean.

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