Disconnects everywhere

One of the lingering topic ideas for this blog is to write about the disconnect between how Western governments see the world and how Western citizens see the world. It's a gargantuan topic and I wanted to write about it only after at least having looked more at whether the current situation is unusual in history.

The current news have added to this topic by an order of magnitude; the British government is apparently so thoroughly disconnected that it even disagrees with its own parliament - its own parties' members of parliament. And this was not just a disagreement and different view - they did in fact run into a parliamentary vote disaster and did not even see it coming!
It's as if PM Cameron had slept for a decade and never heard of the "Iraqi WMDs" story.


That future blog post is still building up in my grey matter, but I can predict with good confidence that it will have a conclusion in favour of more constitutional requirements for direct democratic decision-making.


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