Dangerous bus drivers yet again

Maybe you remember how I made fun of the supposed dangerousness of errorists, especially compared to the dangerousness of bus drivers. Whenever some errorist attacked Germans anywhere, bus drivers had proven their superior dangerousness in the meantime since the last errorist incident.

This was all statistics, of course. Somehow the idea of dangerous bus drivers did not attract so much public attention as did the idea of dangerous errorists. Well, sometimes statistics are mere grey theory and it takes some emotional input to raise an alarm.

Today I got such an emotional input: I experienced with my own eyes how a bus driver disrespected another driver's right of way and rammed a car.

So where's the WOBRD?



  1. The thing is, whatever happens, a bus driver is never suddenly going to wipe out a whole city. The terrorists might, if they ever get their hands on a nuclear weapon.

    The only reason the terrorist's death toll continues to be so low is because they are being actively hunted. That would change quickly if the "war on terror" was abolished, and they were free to plan and conduct their operations without interference.

    1. That's a thesis, and there's likely never going to be reliable evidence for it.

      There's another thesis, which says that hunting errorists angers so many other people as unintended consequence that it does at the same time boost their recruitment efforts.
      Yet another thesis says that if we would just ignore the errorists, they would already have lost.
      Last but nto least, errorists have never wiped out a city and I'm sure they won't. Any such move would be self-defeating. They would rather acquire to warheads, fuze one over the sea and then try to extort with the second.

      This widespread crazy talk about errorists and nukes - two things which were never in actual contact - is in my opinion done by people who want to look tough, but are insecure and easily frightened even by fiction.