Snake oil and gun shields


You may have heard about a new gun shield that's on the market, with spring-based mountings and a left and right side plate. There's also a fancy video of it on The Firearm Blog.

Well, the makers appear to have annoyed 'someone', for 'someone' ;) felt motivated to write a satirical response about how to sell "snake oil" to tacticool enthusiasts !

(Read the PDF in Adobe Reader in case the text is distorted in scribd.
The file is fine, but Scribd has issues.)



  1. I always admired the concept of the tripod periscope on the MG3.

    Seems like a better solution in many circumstances than a gun shield.


  2. Haha, the first time I read the satire from my mobile I didn't realize who that 'someone' was. Then when I went back to look at the video on my computer and read the comments section I put two and two together.

    I really appreciate your blog, it gives me hope when I sometimes think intelligence has gone extinct. Keep up the good work!