"Terrorist!" is the new "Communist!"

"Terrorist!" is the new "Communist!".
It has been true for a decade, and was announced even earlier by Hollywood's B-Movies of the 90's.
The symptoms are obvious.

Disliked bad guys are "communists" "terrorists", while 'our' bad guys aren't "communists" "terrorists".

'Our' bad guys call their enemies "communists" "terrorists" to get our help.

Small wars are being waged in the name of fighting communism terrorism.

Small wars are being lost after years, and Americans try to cover up a defeat by Vietnamisation Afghanisation; the attempt to prop up the 'allied' indigenous force.

Intelligence services have almost perfect freedom of action in the name of fighting communism terrorism.

Communistes Terrorists the worst threat to us, ever. I dare you to disagree! I dare you!

Foreign military forces get subsidies and training from Americans to fight communism terrorism.

Zero tolerance against communism terrorism, no matter how unimportant and remote the shit hole of a country is. Unless it's under a nuke umbrella, of course.

Hardly anybody feels restricted to a definition of communists terrorists. Instead, put this label on your enemies and hope it sticks.

Sometimes I wonder how stupid and gullible mankind really is.



  1. http://youtu.be/QCjNfGZjIN8?t=53s


  2. "Americans try to cover up a defeat by Vietnamisation Afghanisation"

    Or the staggering successes of the Germans in MES and Kunduz!

    1. This isn't about length comparisons.
      BTW, I would have preferred a no-show in Afghanistan.

  3. When you look at discussions in western countries about the issue of citizens going abroad to fight in the Middle East (or elsewhere) one can see parallels with western reaction to citizens joining the Communist forces in the Spanish Civil War.

  4. Norman Dixon in his "On the psychology of military incompetence" rated four generals/leaders only as competent (according to his thesis) in the past two centuries; Wolf, Shaka Zulu, Lawrence and Monash.

    An interesting list list in terms of contemporary asymmetric events and our current crop of generals, and generals in training, to engage communism/terrorism and our "isations"?