[Blog] Under preparation

I won't cover Netanjahu's primitive fearmongering; I think Kaplan did a good job at that already (and Jon Stewart with his tools as well).*

Under preparation are other topics (some not for the first time):

# big artillery-related topics with historical perspective and outlook, possibly multi-part

# propeller era military aircraft topics, sharing a bit my military history fascination

# another "Exotic weapons" topic or two

# maybe a basic training topic or two from the national perspective, not the recruit's

# I expect to keep covering the anti-surveillance state topic as (quite reliably) new info becomes available

# I expect to cover the 'better actual defence, no stupid military adventures overseas, actually reduced military expenses' preference some more. The typical call elsewhere is for an intuitive increase of military spending in response to a subjective increase of the Eastern European threat situation.

# Some general remarks on uniforms, uniformity, and privately purchased equipment

# Politics and policy in Germany are too depressing for coverage.


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