"U.S. Radically Changes Its Story of the Boats in Iranian Waters: to an Even More Suspicious Version"

"This happens over and over. A significant incident occurs, such as the U.S. bombing of an MSF hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan. The U.S. government makes claims about what happened. The U.S. media uncritically repeat them over and over. And then the U.S. government just blithely changes its story repeatedly, implicitly admitting that the tales it originally told were utterly false. But the next time a similar event happens, there is no heightened skepticism of U.S. government claims: its media treat them as Gospel."

Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept

This is a very old pattern, the USN does this at least since the 80's (example; the USS Vincennes incident of mass murder and violation of territorial waters = aggression).*

It's outright naive to believe them anything that hasn't been scrutinised for a while.


*: Now no doubt readers expect some explanation for this choice of words. (1) The leadership of the USS Vincennes wanted to murder two Iranian airmen in a F-14. The claim that this was self-defence is bullshit. An F-14 is no threat to a cruiser for want of relevant munitions and they knew it. The aircraft flew high and straight. (2) It's mass murder if you want to murder two people and instead kill 290 others. (3) The USS Vincennes was itself in Iranian territorial waters, violating Iranian sovereignty. (4) Furthermore, the typical account notes that several Iranian small boats attacked the Vincennes, which they didn't. They merely navigated in their nation's home waters and did not open fire on the cruiser. The USS Vincennes attacked them and hit two of them, which adds even more counts of (attempted) murder, since there was no self-defence situation at the time.
Imagine a Chinese destroyer violated the three mile zone off California, five US Coast guard boats moved to it and the destroyer opened fire, hitting two boats. It then proceeds to attempt to shoot down a F-22 that's no threat at all and ends up shooting down an airliner with 290 people onboard. That's basically what happened. Would you excuse the Chinese crew in this scenario?
Now the worst; the United States were in the 80's actively assisting the aggressor Iraq in its war of aggression against Iran (a country which had not attacked another country in generations), trying to avert the aggressor's defeat by a legitimate and legal naval blockade.
Well, and after all this the USN spewed a lot of lies about the USS Vincennes / Iran Air Flight 655 incident, most of which still linger and shape how people remember the incident. That's why they lie every time early on when they messed up; it's effective.

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