Finnish land forces doctrine

Here's a video about the "new" Finnish land warfare doctrine.

English subtitles can be activated!

Essentially they took what they already had ("Sissi" tradition, "Jäger" tradition), combined it with 1970's Spannocchi-style Raumverteidigung and (in my opinion an overdose of) trust in digital radio communications and encryption.

As you can see in this video, breaking contact, dispersion and elusiveness are very important (to them). 



  1. Having served as a conscript in the FDF (as a "signals guy" no less) though never having dealt with these specific devices, you hit the nail on the head when it comes to wireless comms. In personal experience, portable voice/broadband data radio has a real-life range a fraction of what the manuals claim. When you add jamming you might as well whisper it in his ear since you're already spooning him. I assume the manoeuvres that tested this stuff were heavily rigged. But that seems to be a "lifestyle-disease" all Western militaries share.

    1. The last time I had a look at the ORBATs and TO&Es some units at least had messengers: hardly a great solution, but some sort of redundancy for when the comms crap out because that's not going to stay alive long (or work as well as intended while alive). They've probably been eliminated as a slimming down measure by now.

  2. All finnish infantry companies still have motorcycle mounted messengers in them.