Interlibrary lending

Have you ever thought reading some book might be a good idea, but its price of 60 bucks was too steep and you didn't find a 'pirated' version online nor a cheap old copy in an online marketplace?

Try interlibrary lending. Or speak to a librarian nearby; maybe (s)he finds a copy in another nearby library, which you can then read even on the same day.

I've used interlibrary lending many times, it costs me less than three Euros per book for six weeks of having said book (in Germany). Only photocopied pages ever proved to be unreasonably priced.

Your personal research and growth of knowledge can be boosted by interlibrary lending at very reasonable costs in many developed countries!



  1. We've got it good here, inter-library lending is free to the public. This might be the only government service that is better in the US than in Europe.

  2. It's nice for old books, but I believe in more widespread digital access.