"War with Russia"




  1. Its a major topic trending in the english news. Especially since vladimir zhirinovsky announced that a hillary clinton presidency would probably lead to war. I unfortunately must agree with him, and if that debate thread you and I participated in 2 months ago is any indication, the west is mentally unprepared for such a conflict. But it will be no picnic if donald trump wins, either. Hes threatened to 'pull out' of NATO, although the legal complications of this are unknown.

    1. The legal implications are fairly simple.
      The EU would be Europe's primary alliance.

      The post-Brexit UK would get an opportunity to decide whether it's European or American.
      Most NATO bases would be closed to the U.S., save for maybe the UK's. The U.S troops in Europe would be expected to leave within five years or so.
      The U.S. could afterwards expect to face European competition and opposition in foreign policy much more often than before, and thus the effectiveness of its own foreign policy would be diminished (for better or worse).

      Clinton will win, though. The U.S. will continue the course of Obama domestically (maybe plus one or two HRC signature domestic policy initiatives) and in foreign affairs I doubt she will push for war as the Neocons did, but she'll make use of opportunities to go to was as they appear.

    2. Fucking Zhirinovski. I like Putin's quote the most with regards to Zhirinovski having said "it's not like Poland is a real nation or anything." Quote from Vladimir Vladimirovich: "Well, he's not always right, but he [Zhirin] gets the party started." The only other Putin quote as good was him telling the Americans: "Stop telling your people they're special."

      I particularly enjoyed the "but freedom of navigation, bruh" with Northern Fleet this week. The thing is though, shit that makes the troll-jaded cynic laugh is probably not super-fucking-duper foreign policy or anything.

      In short, Zhirinovski is the Kremlin's go-to shit disturber/agent provacateur. I don't recall him being quoted in the press for anything not inflammatory.

  2. ...yeah, that'd be the 3rd American Presidential Debate.

  3. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-37766688