Political action for direct democracy in Germany

In case any of the few Germans among my audience (we're down to less than 15%) are interested: Here are links to the pro-direct democracy initiative Mehr Demokratie e.V., including its current petition:

The British f***ed up with their Brexit vote (direct democracy) adventure, giving proponents of direct democracy a hard time. Well, actually the irrationality of people does so, for the Americans f***ed up with Trump through their representative democracy. It's thus obvious even by anecdotal evidence that representative democracy doesn't protect against f*** ups. I suppose that many people won't see that and will instead fall for the logical fallacy of demanding perfection from a reform proposal instead of demanding a net improvement only.

Mehr Demokratie e.V. has developed a bill with legal assistance that's actually very moderate. Essentially 100,000 signatures would force the parliament to consider a bill and if said bill is rejected (I suppose that would always happen, since even a certain amount of modification would be a rejection) a million signatures would suffice to force a plebiscite with lawmaking power.

I wish for a lot more, but this would be a decent improvement.



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  1. The Brexit is in my opinion a prove of the worth of direct democracy because in the long term it will be a tremendous advantage for Britain.

    Many years ago the people of bavaria ended the so called bavarian senate (a parasite organisation to give party members mainly of the csu an income) with a direct vote of the people - the initiative for this came from the ödp (a small green splinter party).

    We need direct democracy to rescue our country but the politicans and the so called elites fear for their power, their income and moeny and therefore fight it in every way since this success of the direct democracy movement. Since then no serious direct democracy initiative was sucessful.

    Without direct democracy to end the serious deficits the german nation will not survive this century as a people as also not as a society / state.