I'm asking for a show of hands:
Who expected Russia to be a threat to Danish sovereignty over Greenland?
Who expected the U.S. to be a threat to Danish sovereignty over Greenland?

I remember a lot of articles and blog posts about the Arctic and how there could be conflicts over it in the near future. Those articles were written with a distinct perspective and more or less implied idea of who would be the threat. They seem to have been a bit off.

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Worth mentioning when mentioning Greenland:



  1. The USA made an offer to purchase Greenland in 1946 as well. It was also rejected.

    But it should be remembered that we successfully purchased the US Virgin Islands (where I have lived before) in 1917.

    Offering to purchase territory is not threatening.

    1. Back then Denmark was ruined, now the Danes are much better off than Americans. Colonial empires still existed; London rules around the globe.

      It was a different time, and this wannabe excuse talking point is nothing but self-embarrassment, for it shows that someone readily accepted a ridiculous talking point.

    2. I don't think Denmark was ruined in 1917.

      I'm not even sure they were ruined in 1946 as their occupation was relatively gentle, if embarrassing.

      In any case I'm not sure what your point is. You seem to be suggesting it's illegitimate to buy territory because there are fewer colonies today than there used to be.

  2. Cod saved much of Europe and North America, not just the Vikings. And the Greenland fisheries are probably worth a hundred times more than the mineral wealth there that MoronDon lusts after.

    Over 65 years later I can still taste my Grandma's creamed codfish cakes. They may not have been culinary miracle of Lutefisk beloved by Minnesotans, but they were an inexpensive meal for millions of us down and out New Englanders. And my Aunt Rose made a codfish Baccala dish with olive oil, garlic, and tomatoes that tasted even better.

    Can't get either in the NW; sadly. But there are plenty of hyphenated Finns here with their own unpronounceable version of Lutefisk. I think they use Alaskan Pollock instead of true Cod though.