Gaza blockade

The French minister of foreign affairs has apparently said that the EU would be ready (even happy) to take over the naval blockade of Gaza in order to prevent arms transports to Hamas.

That smells as if there's a 10-20% probability that the German navy will get one more distant patrol mission.

I hope that they'll at least drop one other mission in exchange if Merkel agrees to yet another naval patrol mission.




  1. Thatn wont happen. Israel will not agree another useless UN blockade after the catastophic failure of the UN Resolution 1701.

    The UN should have disarmed the Hezbollah but after four years now the Hezbollah claims to have 40 000 Rockets, even SCUDs.

  2. I'm not aware of any reports that even a single rocket was smuggled into the country via sea. The route through Syria makes much more sense (and is the reason why the Lebanon naval blockade was pointless from the beginning).
    This means that the parallel is worhtless, for Egypt is unfriendly with Hamas (unlike Syria and Hezbollah).

    The Scud report was not a Hezbollah claim, it was almost certainly a tinfoil had scaremongering crap rumour that was most likely launched to distract from 'another' Near East story.
    Scuds require a far too complicated infrastructure (liquid fuel generation, for the fuel isn't storable for more than a few weeks) and would add no relevant capability for Hezbollah.