"Punishing Turkey by Philip Geraldi

by Philip Giraldi

It's worth to be read and I agree 95%.

Sven Ortmann


  1. As Turk currently living in Turkey I could not agree more. The writers sentiments are quite ours, reflecting the thoughts of educated Turks but we can't seem to get it across, especially due to mainstream media. I certainly hope cool-headedness on both sides prevails and Turkey remain one of the closest allies of the US. Ambition of greater influence in the region does not counter the interests of the US in the region. On the contrary, a more powerful Turkey with more influence behind it's words would mean an extension of NATO's power in the region, which is purely military in the region right now. A bigger-brother so to say in the region to the smaller and less stable countries of middle east who's a member of NATO and a close ally of the US who does not turn it's back to Russia and the more flamboyant regimes of the middle east would only be an asset to the US. It would also be a starting point for promoting democracy and fairness in the region. Israel and Turkey do not have an organic animosity towards each other. I believe that the current crisis will be over relatively soon and we'll once again have a working relationship.

  2. I think the article is wrong in its premise that turkey didnt grow more antagonistic to "the west" (tm). They simply are, be it on a tactical level to enforce or a strategic turn from EU membership. [irony on] Thank you frau Merkel for preserving the racial purity of the EU and ensuring a much more bloc-like future foreign policy environment. Sometimes it appears to me that german elites grow so f.ing stupid at the start of every century that all they can do is creating a world that matches their stupidity. And guess what, we are up to a whole new clusterf..k as germany is now for all practical issues in charge of EU-wide economic policy. Please guys, could you please splitt up again. [irony off]

  3. Just listened to your take Phil on the recent flap in Iran and Lebanon.

    I think Scott Horton is right on target that the Israelis blew the cover off these 2 cells in order to promote their war on Iran.

    I think it's time to blow the lid off all the top dogs in the mossad world wide.

    Watch ALL sources because it's going to fly now.